Ships and Crews of the Second World War

Damito, Ruskholm & Foxtrot

HMS Damito

HMS Damito


Taken over by the Admiralty:




August 1939

275 tons


Damito was certainly one of the thousands of Allied ships involved in D-Day.

Hello From Canada,
I would like to buy a Model of the HMS Damito and other British Naval WWII ships,
Can someone direct me to where I could buy these models
Thanks Kindly for your Consideration
Best Regards
Leon Spurrell
Toronto Canada
I am a Son of a WWII British Navy Vet

From Steve Cole:
I’ve been researching my grandfather and have only just found out about this site.My grandfather was Thomas William Cole, he was serving aboard HMT Damito when he was killed in an attack on Portland Harbour on 13 July 1940.
Any info you can give me or photos would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

From Steve Cole The Damito was attacked at 10:00 am and sustained slight damage, but Thomas William Cole, aged 42, a second hand on the Damito, was injured, and died in Portland Naval Hospital later that night. He was the son of Thomas William Cole, and Bertha Lavinia Cole of Lowestoft, and the husband of Violet Sarah Rachel Cole. He is buried in the Royal Naval Cemetery at Portland.  HMT Osta was also attacked at the same time, but did not reportedly suffer any damage or casualties.

If anyone can add further to this story, or any other regarding the Damito, then both Steve and I would be very grateful.

My father, Raymond Kirk, told me a story of the Damito on D-Day, when it was close-in to the French shore. One of his shipmates was in the toilet, which was on the deck, when a German shell tore straight through, parting the hair of the unfortunate crew member, who shot off, and did a couple of circuits of the deck before managing to calm down (and hopefully retrieve his trousers!)

Research on the Damito, by Steve Cole:

In 1917 the “Castle Class” trawler “Oliver Picken” was built by Smith’s Dock- South Bank on Tees. She was sold by the admiralty in 1922 and was renamed “Fermo”. Sold again (date unknown) she became the Damito. She was requisitioned in August 1939 to serve as a mine-sweeper and then as a stores carrier. In 1944 she was converted to a fuel carrier for D-day. She was derequisitioned in January 1946. Her owners in 1947 are recorded as Jenkeson, Jones and others of Milford Haven. She was broken up in 1958-1959.

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